Becoming an Expert Hackathon Organizer according to Chat GPT

Jan 2, 2023 | Hackathon

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Including AI into the hackathon organizer conversation

ChatGPT is all the rage at the moment, with people asking it to do their homework, answering their emails and likely much, much more. So we asked it what its top tips for organizing a hackathon are. And here was its response:

Define the purpose and goals of the hackathon: What problem are you trying to solve or what innovation are you trying to encourage? Clearly communicating the focus of the hackathon will help attract the right participants and ensure that the event is productive and successful.

1. Invite a diverse group of participants: Hackathons are all about bringing together people with different skills and perspectives to collaborate and solve problems. Consider inviting participants from a variety of backgrounds, including developers, designers, business professionals, and domain experts.

2. Set up a clear timeline and schedule: Clearly communicate the schedule for the hackathon, including important deadlines for registering, submitting ideas, and presenting final projects. This will help participants stay on track and ensure that the hackathon runs smoothly.

3. Provide necessary resources and support: Make sure that participants have access to all the resources and support they need to be successful. This might include things like food and drinks, wifi, and access to any necessary software or equipment.

4. Encourage teamwork and collaboration: Encourage participants to work in teams and collaborate with one another. This will foster a sense of community and help ensure that the hackathon is a fun and rewarding experience for everyone.

5. Plan for the presentation of final projects: Think about how final projects will be presented and judged. Will there be a panel of judges? Will there be a public showcase event? Make sure to clearly communicate the process and criteria for presenting and judging final projects.

That was a pretty good response, but it left out a few key recommendations that we think are critical to organizing a successful hackathon.

Tips from a Trustworthy Hackathon Organizer


6. Understand the value to the participants: Whether your participants are employees at your company or part of an external community, make sure you consider the value of participation from their perspective. Some may join just for the fun and experience, but if you are asking them to give up 48 hours of their life, they should get get a valuable return on their invested time.

7. This is crucial for any hackathon organizer. Know your plan for after the hack: Revisit your purpose or goal of the hackathon. What did you want to achieve? If your objective was to solve a problem or launch an innovation, you will need to ensure you have a clear plan in place to make that happen. Know what engineering resources you have in place. Or what funding you have available. This is your opportunity to ensure your hackathon is innovation action and not innovation theatre.

ChatGPT has demonstrated the power and skill of AI and may have one or more people concerned for the longevity of their chosen careers. But this experiment has also shown that while it is good at scratching the surface of a topic, there is still lots of value in engaging experts who can identify the gaps and blind spots in what an AI returns to you.


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