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Platform Pricing Tiers

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Challenge Lifetime
Challenge Essentials
Custom challenge start/end & submission deadline
Host virtual, hybrid and in-person challenges
Custom participation limit per event
Custom ticket type(s)
Challenge Page Design
Custom pages
Custom branding
Embed media
Visibility & Promotion
Participant promoters
Public challenge listing
Protected Access
Custom registration survey
Document upload
Digital consent
Participant management
Run workshops & info sessions
Participant application & approval
Register mentors & assign to teams
Limit participation by ticket type(s)
Waitlist management
Participant Engagement
Participant profiles
Custom branded email templates
Manual & automated emails
Multi- & single-chat
Custom team requirements
Custom team formation settings
Organic team formation
Highlight winning teams
Submissions & Judging
Custom submission(s)
Custom evaluation criteria
Judges' profiles & criteria assignment
Judging assignments
Judges' onboarding
Intuitive judging portal
Live or asynchronous judging
Data & Statistics
Participant data
Judging results
Submission download
Fast, secure data download
Ticket type & waitlist data
Feature Description
The length of the challenge starting from the date of creation on the platform.
Maximum number of participants per challenge.
Predetermine the amount of time participants will have to work on their solution.
Access the platform remotely or in person using your mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
Set a primary timezone for your challenge.
Allow participants to use the platform in English or French.
Set a participation limit to ensure a small and intimate challenge or a large scale competition.
Create ticket types that reflect the needs of your challenge with custom names, descriptions & icons.
Create custom pages using text, images, videos, and more.
Add your own challenge banners and customize page layouts.
Easily embed media such as videos, images, surveys, and more!
Ensure challenge is not indexed by search engines (optional for Professional tier).
Participants can invite new challenge participants as team members via email directly from the platform.
Gain visibility with our innovation community through a listing on
Add password access to your challenge page and ensure privacy.
Customize your registration questions to gather all the information you need from participants.
Ask or require participants to upload a documents such as resume or work sample as part of your custom registration survey.
Require consent to your custom challenge Code of Conduct or Rules & Regulations during the registration process.
Remove participants from a team or your entire challenge using your admin privileges.
Promote and manage your workshops and info sessions by linking to your tool of choice.
Use direct registration or an application process to select participants.
Create a mentor ticket type and assign them to teams to facilitate knowledge sharing.
Balance overall participation by assigning participation limits for your ticket type(s).
Promote applicants to participants from the waitlist.
Participants create unique profiles including a profile picture, description, skills and links to social profiles.
Create custom branded email templates to efficiently and effectively communicate with your challenge participants.
Leverage automation with time or event-triggered emails.
Foster participant communication through built-in single and multi-chat.
Set team size requirements (minimum and maximum).
Create an organic, admin-assigned or hybrid team formation process.
Allow participants to search and invite participants to join their team by skill and availability, and/or allow participants to request to join teams.
Tag winning teams with a custom team profile banner.
Create one or multiple submissions. Within each, customize what participants are required to submit.
Create a set of judging criteria to assign to judges. Add as many criterion to the set as you like and weigh them as you see fit.
Create judge profiles and assign them to a set of criteria.
Manually assign judges to teams' submissions or use the auto-assign feature to evenly distribute judges across teams.
Easily share the custom judging portal login info with judges through the platform. Upload any relevant background material to the portal for easy access.
Judges only see assigned teams and can download or access submissions in-portal. Judges can leave feedback for teams, take private notes and edit teams' scores at any time before finalizing and submitting all scores.
Allow judges to evaluate submissions in real time or asynchronously within a given window.
View and download participant information including team information and data collected during registration.
Use the judging dashboard for results at a glance or download scores for in-depth results and real-time updates.
Download individual submissions or all submission files.
Conveniently and securely download files and data.
Track and download registration information for participants with different ticket types or those who have been waitlisted.
6 months
12 months

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