Innovation Services

Our Value



Our team will design a unique program that meets your needs and the moment. We’ll be as involved as you need us during the program planning journey


Whether in-person or virtual, at home or around the globe, we will execute your program exceptionally and make it a memorable and impactful experience


Our easy-to-use, customizable and modular platform is the perfect place to host your hackathon, challenge, sprint, or workshop from start to finish

Our Process



The key to a successful program is understanding your objectives. Are you solving a problems or are you teaching your team to solve problems? We will help you define your program objectives based on your needs.



We’ll identify the right participants, framework and methodologies, the duration and location. We’ll define the participant journey and the roles your stakeholders, partners and champions can play.



Throughout your program we will keep it on time and on budget. We will embed our team with yours to ensure a successful execution. We’re results-focused and we’ll deliver on our promises so your objectives are met.



Once the workshop, sprint, hackathon, or challenge is wrapped up, we will help you amplify your success. Our tried and true methods will help you share the story of your success beyond your participants. 

Our Expertise

Across our wide range of services we provide a high level of creative and technical expertise and ensure the right messages reach the right individuals.

Branding & Marketing

Coaching & Facilitation

Curriculum Engagement

Insights & Analytics

Logistics & Execution

Participant Engagement

Delivering Results

Understanding your core objectives and designing a custom innovation program that meets your needs.

Innovation Management

Leverage creativity, collaboration, or competition to solve challenges and strengthen your innovation pipeline.

Culture Building

Build a culture of innovation that will inspire and empower your teams to strive to greatness, without fear of failure. 


Attract the best by strengthening your recruiting strategy and talent brand through online or in-person hackathons and challenges.

Community Engagement

Build and activate communities to collaborate and drive change. Even the biggest challenges are easier when tackled together.

Brand Boosting

Reach your target audience and build awareness about your company’s activities by hosting or supporting a hackathon or challenge.


The world is changing, and your workforce should as well. Roll out new tools or technologies to ensure your team has the skills to succeed.
innovation services

Our Services are Trusted

“Thank you to the Hackworks team for the assistance and the expertise that was totally invaluable to us as we move forward with CODE 2015. There is no doubt in my mind that without their support, their experience and their guidance that CODE 2015 would not have been the success that it is.”
The Hon. Tony Clement

Former President of the Treasury Board, Government of Canada

Our Past Work

Cloud Sprint

The largest Alphabet Company engaged Hackworks to help them connect with their enterprise clients in a more in-depth way, help them understand the capabilities of their Cloud Platform, and to build deeper relationships between the client and The Alphabet Company’s team of engineers.


The Elevate team, working with founding partner TD, approached Hackworks to help create Toronto’s biggest hackathon. Over a 48-hour hackathon at MaRS, more than 500 hackers worked tirelessly rallying behind one theme: How can we use data and technology to make Toronto a more inclusive, safe and vibrant city in which to live and work.

TD Tech Jam

Together with TD, we designed a non-technical, digitally inspired hackathon that empowers employees with the knowledge and opportunity to imagine and develop the next digital solution to better service clients.