The Highly Effective Capital One Digital for Good Program

Aug 31, 2022 | Hackathon, Hackworks, Innovation

Capital One Digital for Good

Capital One Digital for Good 

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace but many are being left behind. In fact, a 2018 NetHope survey found that 70% of leading global nonprofits do not have a technology strategy*. In 2016 Capital One – in the middle of its own digital transformation – took the initiative to create a community space for tech professionals to connect with nonprofits and work together on developing effective digital solutions. A series of annual events took place for the next four years, allowing for the collaboration between charities with digital needs and developers who want to use their skills for good.

“We believe that the business community has a responsibility to share its knowledge and access to top tech talent, to improve efficiencies, and further social impact.” 

Kevin Chan | Head of Digital Strategy at Capital One Canada

It began with the custom designed Gift the Code Hackathon and quickly expanded into the Digital for Good Program, including a Tech Jam and Summit. Both focusing on serving charities’ digital needs and connecting them with passionate technology experts from inside and outside of Capital One.

To reinforce the collaborative spirit of the event, there were no prizes to be handed out to winners; participants were solely focused on improving the charities’ digital struggles throughout the events, the incentive being their contribution to the digital transformation charities will go through.

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  • How Capital One and Hackworks collaborated to deliver on Corporate Social Responsibility and Talent Branding objectives 
  • What type of solutions came from both teams and the short and long-term evolution of the series 
  • The CSR impact that Capital One delivered to participating nonprofits and the effects of technology volunteerism had on their talent branding
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