TD Bank Think Digital Tech Jam

Aug 15, 2022 | Hackathon, Hackworks, Innovation

TD Bank

TD Bank Think Digital Tech Jam 


There is a growing digital curiosity among TD Bank employees and a desire for technology tools, apps and solutions that will enable them to complete day to day tasks easier, faster or in a manner more reflective of their “mobile and connected” clients’ needs. At the same time, new technologies are emerging at a never before seen pace and trying out new technologies inside the security envelope of a company firewall is sometimes difficult.

Hackworks worked with TD’s Digital Fluency team to create the TD Bank Think Digital Tech Jam, a fun and safe environment to expose TD Bank employees to some of these new, emerging technologies so they can see how they can be applied to meet the needs of TD clients and employees and more broadly to the overall banking experience.
The Tech Jam is a non-technical, 2.5 day hackathon open to employees from all positions in the bank who are curious to learn about new technologies, and eager to imagine innovative technological solutions. TD dedicates resources to the top ideas presented, to showcase their commitment to employee driven innovation and ensure real ROI is delivered in the event.
“From the previous 4 Tech Jams, 7 ideas have become 7 internal apps fully deployed, or launched as a POC, or are in development. So, awarded or not, we’re committing to circulate all 13 team submissions to relevant business lines for opportunities beyond the event itself.” 

Miranda Honasan | Senior Business Management Analyst TD Tech Jam Organizing Team

While originally run in Canada, TD’s Think Digital Tech Jam was brought to the US headquarters to ensure a consistency of skills and experiences for employees on both sides of the border. 

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    • How to leverage participatory solution design to bring startup speed to your corporate innovation process
    • Why including your employees in the ideation process results in more insightful and comprehensive solutions
    • What makes the Tech Jam a successful, recurring hackathon that has benefited the company for years
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Lydia Da Cruz

Lydia Da Cruz


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