Creating Mission Advantage through Client Co-Innovation

Jun 28, 2023 | Innovation

Cisco Innovation Challenge: Leveraging Client Co-Creation to Create Mission Advantage
In today’s rapidly evolving technology landscape, organizations are seeking collaborative approaches to drive innovation. The benefits of which are established and range from risk reduction, increased product market-fit and relevance, enhanced customer satisfaction and commitment to a generally accelerated product development cycle.

The Cisco Federal Innovation Challenge stands out as an exceptional example of client co-innovation, as Carl De Groote, Senior Director, U.S. Defense, U.S. Public Sector at Cisco on the Cisco Government Blog.

“Great things can happen when government and industry come together to innovate. Breakthrough innovations have the power to shape the future, disrupt industries, and improve the lives of individuals and societies. They drive progress, challenge the status quo, and unlock new possibilities, ultimately breaking through for mission advantage.”

Carl De Groote | Senior Director, U.S. Defense, U.S. Public Sector at Cisco

The Cisco Federal Innovation Challenge emerged as a solution development catalyst, bringing together Cisco clients and partners, Cisco technology experts and esteemed federal agencies representing the solution benefactors, in a collaborative endeavor. In just two short weeks, participants developed intricate solutions to complex challenges faced by federal agencies, leveraging the principles of client co-innovation.

Download the Cisco Innovation Challenge Case study to learn more and head over the Cisco Government Blog to download the Ideas Book and discover which solutions won big at the event.

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Lydia Da Cruz

Lydia Da Cruz


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