From Pause, to Pivot, to Progress

Jan 12, 2021 | Hackworks


Continuing the Progress in 2021

In our first blog of 2021, we are looking ahead to what this year brings.

Looking ahead often comes with a reflection on what has preceded it. And this year that seems more important than ever. As the pandemic emerged as a global threat in March, we saw many companies hitting pause. Programs were delayed, events were postponed, and any planning beyond the immediate term was halted. Companies focused on the health and safety of their employees and many moved into survival mode. How could they establish business continuity with storefronts and offices closed? In May we wrote a blog based on our experiences of planning in the midst of so much uncertainty.

As we moved into the summer we saw more and more companies pivoting. Instead of continuing to pause, they decided to move ahead but in new ways. Fall is always a busy time for us, we call it “hackathon season.” This year wasn’t any different. We were busy helping to execute programs with focuses on healthcare, digital transformation, and youth in stem among others. All of our programming pivoted to virtual. We were able to expand the reach and impact of programs beyond geographic centres and the number of people we could fit in a room.

As the calendar flipped from 2020 to 2021, and with vaccination programs beginning, the tenor of our conversations with clients and potential clients began to change. After the pause, and the pivot companies are focusing on progression. Hackworks is no different.

We are looking forward to 2021 and all that it brings. This year we are working on a re-launch of our platform that will be optimized for both virtual and in-person programs. While we look forward to the day where we can gather together and in person for our programs again, we don’t want to lose the accessibility and flexibility that virtual programs have given us. The future of innovation programming is likely to include both types and we are excited to bring new features and functionality to our platform to deliver a superior experience for our participants.

Remote workers, decentralized organizations and newly adopted technologies will all change the way companies innovate. Many companies have advanced leaps and bounds during the pandemic out of necessity. But without the “pivot or die” mentality forced by external forces, will companies be able to maintain their momentum? Will they fall back on their old risk-adverse habits? We’re excited to continue to evolve our programs to meet the needs of our clients and help them build and nurture resilient, innovative workforces and emerge from 2021 at leaders in their industries.

We’re excited by what 2021 will bring!

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Patti Mikula

Patti Mikula


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