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Jul 26, 2022 | Hackathon, Innovation

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Improving Client Relationships: FIS Thinkathon, Hackathon and Conference

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground.

Taking a customer-led approach to innovation allows brands to achieve more with less, move R&D spend towards incremental innovation, and develop improved value propositions.

FIS was looking to transform the way they create products and services and leverage their existing client relationships to inform product development. We worked with FIS to develop a three-phased innovation program that consisted of a Thinkathon, Hackathon, and InFocus Conference.

Through the three-phased innovation program, FIS was able to identify customer problems at the Thinkathon, develop a challenge statement for the Hackathon participants to develop innovative solutions for, and ultimately find a product-focused solution that optimizes FIS business value.

Looking for more information on how to involve your customers and your employees in developing client driven and market driven innovative solutions?

Send us a message and get to planning your next hackathon. It’s time to involve your customers in the process now!

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Lydia Da Cruz

Lydia Da Cruz


Hi all! My name is Lydia Da Cruz, Director Innovation Strategy & Program Development at Hackworks, in Toronto, Canada. I am positively o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with what's next. I am first and foremost an innovation strategist and marketer. I love to sink my teeth into big problems – I am a challenge analyst and an opportunity mapper. I'm also a storyteller and engagement expert, and I truly believe that together, we can find more resolute solutions that we ever could individually. If you ever want to chat crowdsourcing, co-creation, hackathons, online challenges, reverse pitch programs – I've been working in this area since 2011 – feel free to reach out!

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