Looking Back on 2020

Dec 17, 2020 | Hackworks


Reflecting on 2020

Looking back on 2020 feels like looking back over a decade. Despite the dramatic effects of the pandemic on the world, our business included, we had a busy year, with 14 programs running across Canada and the United States. I am sure there are going to be countless “Looking Back” pieces in the coming days and weeks. But in my 2020 retrospective I want to take a minute to give thanks.

Thank you to the essential workers who have gone to work every day to keep us healthy and safe while we have had the luxury of working from the relative safety of our homes. Thanks to those that kept the lights on (literally), the water running, the roads plowed, the grocery shelves stocked, and the students engaged. And to those that chose to put the health and safety of others ahead of theirs in long-term care homes, clinics, and hospitals everywhere, we can’t thank you enough.

Thank you to our clients who trusted us to deliver engaging programs both in-person (pre-pandemic) and virtually, through the year. It would have been understandable if they had decided to forego programming over the past few months, but together we executed some amazing experiences for our participants.

Thank you to the Canadian government for their support programs that have helped our company and many others to weather this storm. In March we could never have imagined what a prolonged impact this pandemic would have on our business, but the support from the government allowed us to push through the year and learn and grow as a team and as a business.

And last but not least, thanks to the team at Hackworks. The year brought countless challenges, both personally and professionally to each of them and yet they persevered. My only certainty going into the next year is that whatever comes our way, our team can handle it.

2020 is a year no one will forget. And amid the memories of devastation and loss I hope we will also remember the bright moments of selflessness, of care, of compassion and perseverance. It is these memories that we can bring with us into 2021 to make the world a better place.

Wishing you all a healthy and joyous holiday season and looking forward to all that 2021 can bring.

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