Solve for X – Supporting women as they rise to challenges of COVID

Jul 28, 2020 | Hackworks


Solve for X: Crowdsourcing to Supporting Women

As we adjust to life during the COVID-19 pandemic and are taking urgent steps to protect our health and the people we love, it is important to remember those most affected by this global catastrophe and those who are most vulnerable. Social and gender inequities are heightened during times of crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic is no different. As a community of change-makers, we wished to do our part and support a group that has been – and still is! – facing increased challenges due to COVID-19: Women.

Leveraging our expertise as crowdsourcing innovators, we launched Solve for X to bring together brilliant minds in collaboration and competition and find innovative solutions to help females rise to the challenges COVID-19 added to their lives. We engaged participants from around the world to join us for the Solve for X Ideahack to problem solve and imagine solutions that would support and relieve some of these economic, health, and financial pressures specifically affecting females.

Challenge Statement: How might we support women everywhere as they rise to the challenges presented by COVID-19?

Motivated civic innovators joined forces over three days to share ideas, build relationships, and deliver solutions that are relevant and meaningful to women everywhere. These multidisciplinary groups of participants came together to help and support women in mastering their new normal.

More than 60 participants formed 19 teams and tackled the challenge statement of how to support women as they rise to the challenges of COVID-19. These teams delivered incredible ideas in a short amount of time that reimagined what supporting women everywhere during COVID-19 could look like. We are highlighting the unique perspectives and creative solutions presented by the top 5 teams in the Solve for X Ideabook.

You can view and download the Solve for X Ideabook here.

Thank you to all Solve for X participants for your passion, creativity, contribution, and inclination to help women facing adversity.

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